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Your one-stop-shop From Napkin Sketch To Commercially released Product! We offer countless capabilities, deliver the best parts for your money, and hit deadlines! 

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Engineering Design & Development

Working collaboratively with Aurora Quickturns experienced engineering team together we create competitive products via impactful design and manufacturing technologies.

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Precision Manufacturing For All

From napkin sketch to finished product, Aurora Quickturn, is uniquely qualified to be your outsourced manufacturing partner in a range of industries, including medical.

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Testing & Certification

High quality demands rigorous standards. To meet them, Aurora Quickturn engages in a full range of testing, certification and qualification support that includes the study of multiple relevant factors.

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Processing & Finishing

We offer a variety of finishing to make sure you get serviced from start to finish. Our capabilities include, sand blasting, anodizing, electroplating, chemical film, debur...etc

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Logistics & Fulfillment

Aurora Quickturn offers a complete logistics service. We pack, store, ship(to you or your costumer), and track all your inventory in our 50,000SF facility.

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Cadaver/Bioskills Lab

Utilize our fully functioning 500sq small scale OR to test, revise, and train.

Precision Parts Manufacturing

Manufacturing Operations


Our Engineers and machinists have upwards of 20+ years of experience in their area of expertise. 

  • Product Design/Engineering
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • SolidWorks
  • ISO 13485 compliant design and engineering


All tools/machinery are regularly validated and serviced by our experts. New additions are added monthly to ensure our process continues to advance in efficiency and precision.   


Complete customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. Everything about our process is integrated to ensure you or your customers have a quality experience. 

Precise Manufacturing

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Our Work
Fluidized Burn Bed
Engineering Design Services

A client of ours requested engineering and manufacturing services for a new fluidized bed technology capable of providing more comfortable patient care for burn victims. The design had stringent sound and power requirements to meet regulatory guidelines. The new bed also required easy installation and removal in a residential environment and had to adhere to FDA and UL guidelines. 

Sleep Apnea Screening device
precision engineering and Manufacturing

A medical device Start-up company needed a contract manufacturer to assemble a new device for the detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The project involved a small complex PC with SOICs, pressure transducer, and other unique components. 

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