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At Aurora Quickturn we are leaders in precision machining and precision machined parts. We have a state-of-the-art precision machine shop, complete with the latest equipment and a highly experienced team. Our lean outlook, coupled with cutting-edge CNC technology, enables us to offer the highest level of quality at competitive pricing.

Precision machining is a process that allows for the manufacturing of parts to meet or exceed the specifications required. If you are a company that assembles any type of products that are made using metal parts, which require finishes, rigorous standards, or out-of-the-ordinary dynamics, you will want those parts to be precision machined. 

  • Aurora Quickturn is a global manufacturer of precision non-standard components, including CNC machining, 5-axis machining, prototyping, gears, casting, etc. Our supply chain is filled with raw materials, processing, testing, surface treatment, packaging materials, logistics, etc… 
  • Our precision machine shop adheres to the rigorous standards of our clients. We focus on providing high-quality, precise, and fast services. The variety of precision machines, committed machinists, engineers, and project management team, is the breathing living parts that make Aurora Quickturn so efficient.
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Our Precision Machine Shop Capabilities

  • Swiss lathe—20 mm—32 mm rod diameter
  • Multi 3 and 5-axis Machining Centers
  • Vertical Machining Centers
  • Multitasking Turning Centers
  • Waterjet Cutting Center
  • Wire EDM, Hole Sinker & Hole Popper
  • Laser Tube Cutter (dry) up to 10mm diameter
  • Additive 3D Printing- metal and polymers

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We Offer A Variety Of Post Processing

  • Test and Measurement services- mechanical, optical, and biological
  • Compression and Torsion Static and Dynamic Testing
  • Blasting & Deburring
  • Anodizing, Chemical Film,  Electroplating
  • CMM Vision and Optical Comparator systems
  • ETO Sterilization
  • Forming services
  • Assembly services

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