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Fluidized Burn Bed

Engineering Design Services

A client of ours requested engineering and manufacturing services. They requested a new fluidized bed technology capable of providing more comfortable patient care for burn victims. The design had stringent sound and power requirements to meet regulatory guidelines. The new bed also required easy installation and removal in a residential environment and had to adhere to FDA and UL guidelines. 

The structural support and blower housing were designed out of aluminum to reduce weight. The covers and tub were vacuum formed out of medical-grade plastics for durability and patient comfort. A complete electronic and mechanical drawing package was delivered with the final product 

Wireless Inventory Control Module

A Client wanted us to design a battery-operated wireless inventory control module for the automotive industry.

  • Latest security protocols were required. The module was certified under Wi-Fi 802.11 b,g, & with WPA2, WPA, and WEP System Interoperability.
  • The unit had to operate for at least two years under battery operation. 
  • The solution was a brand new electronic and mechanical design using the latest MicroChip radio and processor to provide an ultra-low power solution with the latest security protocols.  

Premature Infant Feeding Therapy

Contract Engineering & Precision Manufacturing
A medical device start-up company needed engineering and manufacturing services to update an FDA-approved device. The product had never been designed for manufacturing and the technology needed to be updated. 

The medical device utilized music reinforcement therapy to stimulate non-nutritive sucking and the breathe-suck-swallow reflex. The company wanted a turnkey solution to update the design and usher the product into manufacturing, including the disposable components, regulatory documentation, regulatory testing, and appropriate labeling. 

The product was through the design phase in eight months and into production in thirteen months.

Sleep Apnea Screening device

precision engineering and Manufacturing
A medical device Start-up company needed a contract manufacturer to assemble a new device for the detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The project involved a small complex PC with SOICs, pressure transducer, and other unique components. 

The company requested a turnkey assembly which included packaging of the device with patient consumables, instruction manuals, final inspection, and labeling. Recycling services were required after patient use which required sanitizing, downloading patient data, installing a new battery, and repackaging. This company saved significantly which allowed them to dedicate their resources toward future product development.

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